Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Vitacost Haul!

Ok, Vitacost. I am seriously loving on you! Not only do you carry a wonderful selection of products, your international shipping is super speedy and reliable! As with the last one, this latest order arrived in just about two weeks. You can't really beat that. I seriously am addicted to buying from them and have already started compiling a list for what to order in advance of my trip to the states in August. (Okay, okay, I started ordering already!) What can I say? Oh yea, they're customer service can't be beat either.

Recently, Vitacost had a sale, I think ten percent off? I can't quite recall. In any case, I took advantage of it to order some things that I'll need for recipes that are coming up in the meal plans that either I haven't seen here or that are more expensive here.

Here's what I got.

First things first. A bag of Navitas Naturals raw cashews. They sell this very same product here but at at least double the price. Nuts here in general are extremely expensive, all the more so with imported ones. I have some recipes coming up that call for cashew based sauces, so in to the cart they went. 

Over to the right we have a bag of steel cut oats. I am a huge oat fan and eater. I go through about ten pounds of oats every two months. Just me myself and I. I don't know where the inspiration came from but I figured, why not? I have a pressure cooker, they're inexpensive and hard to come by here and girl, just try some new things!

The Shitake mushrooms are for a mushroom burger recipe that I have coming up eventually. I was kind of disappointed to see that for nine bucks (really expensive!) you get a whopping four mushrooms. Maybe five. I hope I don't need any more than that because that is one pricey burger! Fingers crossed.

I bought a bottle of nutritional yeast because everyone goes on and on and on about this. While I've bought some of that stuff here, I'm not entirely sure it's the same thing simply because the flavor and smell that people describe in nooch is missing from the stuff I own and the Bragg's stuff looks a lot darker. I hope I like it. 

And finally, whole fennel seeds and whole cumin seeds. I have a couple of recipes in the lineup that call for either one or both of these and I wouldn't even know where to start looking for these spices. Even though I'm in the Middle East and cumin seeds should not be hard to come by. Thrilled to add them to my spice drawer.

Anyway, that's all for this Vitacost haul.
Until next time!

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