Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Meal Plan: March 22-March 26th- Second Avenue Vegetable Korma

This week brings us one of the last recipes that I'll be making from Appetite for Reduction. Officially, spring has arrived (hallelujah!) but the weather has been a bit fickle. I'm taking advantage of these last weeks to make soup/stews before I transition to lighter fare.  Essentially this vegetable korma is a curry, with lots of spices and a bit of coconut milk.

This week at the supermarket I spent about 80 shekels. The usual peppers, corn, cucumbers, potatoes and carrots along with a huge bag of dried chickpeas (for next week's recipe), some drain cleaner, zucchini, and some sweet potatoes to go along with the korma. Not too bad considering that the chickpeas will be stretched for a good while after next week's recipe. I had leftover red onion from a salad I made over the weekend, ginger still from my most recent tofu experiment and I made homemade coconut milk!
In my Pesach cleaning, I realized how much dried coconut I had left from my raw-vegan days when I had stocked up like there was no tomorrow. It struck me that I could put some to use and make my own coconut milk instead of spending the money at the store! I had some nut-milk bags and a vitamix so on Friday I blended up some coconut and water, strained it and voila! Homemade coconut milk. With no added gunk, either. This recipe also helped me finish a bag of peas. One down, one to go. 

I really liked this recipe. While it needed some salt, the flavor was really nice. The only thing is that I made it in my Instant Pot and forgot to reduce the amount of liquid. Instead of being a nice thick curry-like dish, I had korma soup. Next time I make this or anything in the IP I gotta be mindful of the amounts of liquid to avoid swimming veggies. Pressure cookers don't allow the liquid to evaporate and the mixture to thicken- gotta remember that for next time. I would definitely try it again.

As usual, I left out the oil called for in the recipe and used frozen cauliflower but made everything else as written. For the first two nights I enjoyed this with rice (obviously) but for the rest of the week will have it with baked sweet potato. Yum.

The recipe can be found here.

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